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Designing a kitchen cabinet

Designing a Kitchen Cabinet: 4 Factors to Consider

Every kitchen designer has a wide variety of choices when finding the most suitable cabinets for the kitchen. Comprehending the fundamental factors of kitchen design can help limit the selection of design and also it can ease every option. The fundamental factors are the construction quality, kitchen design and personal preference.

As we are not the experts in kitchen cabinet design, we asked Joe Cunningham, a kitchen cabinet designer & maker, what is the most important.

Below are the things every re-modeller, designer or individual must consider.


One of the significant choices every designer need is selecting the material of the cabinets since it will determine the design, style of the whole kitchen and of the price of the whole project.

Metal (stainless steel, aluminium) – These materials are a bit pricey and hard to suspend. In the past, these metals can be rustic but it can be painted in different colours. Metal is also prone to dents when by accident will be hit with a pan when cooking. This material is also the last and least choice of ever designers.

Wood Combinations (plywood or pine) – These materials are less expensive for building door cabinets and cases. Designers also use the material to create an illusion of hardwood finish design but these can also be painted with the colour of your choice to match every kitchen designs.

Hard Wood (oak, maple, etc.) – This is the most common used in every kitchen. Many homeowners and designers love to see hardwood used in their kitchen not only that it sturdy but also it adds up value to every kitchen.


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Building your kitchen cabinets with glue, nails or staples is not a good type of construction because it will not last long. A good designer or builder will use dovetail construction to solidly build it to last forever. Constructing your kitchen cabinet is the most important factor to focus on.

Door Style

There are a lot of kitchen door designs, so it will depend on your kitchen type or style. Raised panel design is a perfect choice for traditional type while the flat panel is for the contemporary type. Some other door designs are bead frame, curved raise, reveal-overlay, square raised, cathedral and beadboard panel.


Selecting the accessories for your kitchen cabinet is the final aspect in every kitchen cabinet design. Accessories will consist of accessibility method, organizing cabinet inside, handles and knobs as well as modification. Accessibility method will determine how you can access your cabinets big example is the lazy susan, you can also build some sliding trays or spinning cabinets. Organising cabinet inside is also important you can use gadgets or devices to make every space more useful. Handles and knobs design will depend on the type of cabinet you are building to match your kitchen style. The modification will only depend if you are planning to install some dishwasher, fridge, etc.

Knowing the basics of kitchen cabinet design will give you the heads up on what kind of materials, door design or accessories to be used over the type of kitchen you are planning to create. So, always be well informed and read some tips to build the dream kitchen you wanted for your home.

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