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A Baby Survive Even Born with a weight of a Can Coke

A newly born baby with a weight the proportions of a can of Coke has got overwhelmed the chances to make it through.

Theo Taylor was delivered only just 26 weeks and 5 days through emergency C-section in March 15.

He weighed only 340 grams (12oz) creating him the littlest living newborn within Britain.

Nearly six months on his mum Katie Rhodes, 24, and dad Jay, 27, spoke about the relief of having their baby home.

I had hardly ever seen a baby that small – I didn’t know babies could be that small, dad Jay told the sun.

I kept telling Katie that everything would be OK and he is actually fine.

But it wasn’t until I saw him that I realized how serious things were. I think that was the most scared I have ever been.

Theo had stopped growing in his mother’s womb at 19 weeks, prompting doctors to offer Katie an abortion the day before he was established.

Even after he was born, the pair were warned tiny Theo may not survive long enough to go interior.

They touched his fragile hand for a few seconds before he was rescinded to be put on a breathing car.

But the mini man beat the chances and was gone after a lower dependency ward at Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne seven weeks later on.

He was sent home on July 7 after an operation to repair a hernia.

Theo still takes doses of nasal oxygen but doctors don’t believe will be affected any more challenges.

Before he was born, it really was hard hearing constantly that he wasn’t going to make it, and despite that he was born that we do not get to take him home, Katie, a support worker from Durham, considered.

But we got through it by saying, no, he’s made it this far, let’s just support him’.

We were so positive and kept saying that secure way to fight for your furry friend.

Jay, a delivery driver, said Theo was born smaller than what doctors had anticipated.

He was smaller compared to my hand and a lot smaller than they even can thought he would be, he said.

The doctor said he was about the weight of a can of Coke, but even once I picked up a can, it felt heavier than Theo.

Theo is believed to work as the smallest newborn to survive in the United Kingdom since Aaliyah Hart, now 15, came into this world at 12oz in May 2003.

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