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What To Do While in Perth?

Just merely walking around the city of Perth will entertain you. The city is filled with art all over the place, shopping strips that sell specialty items, and the restaurants and bars offer the best food and liquors. If you want something to kill time, you can walk around the river, bridges, and narrow streets and enjoy the charm of the city.

Walk Across Claisebrook Cove Bridge at Night

East Perth is a suburb located in the inner area of Perth. The buildings are painted in colourful bright colours and along the water, the scenery of the skyscraper and the ocean looks majestic. Walking across the Claisebrook Cove Bridge at night exhibit the best image of Perth in the evening.

Indulge at the Greenhouse

The Greenhouse plates are delicious, honest, and innovative dishes. It is an eco-friendly space that serves the best international cuisines made sustainably. The space is built with recycled and upcycled materials from the floor to the ceiling. Inside the restaurant has amazing intricate charming details and the walls are covered in greenery. The roof-top garden produces fresh ingredients that serve healthy dishes that will satisfy your palate.

Explore Fremantle

Right outside of Perth is Fremantle. A port city exuding an eclectic mix of contemporary-rooted art. The streets are swarming with live music and street art with a wide variety of dining selections by the water. The charming streets are rimmed with shopping strips and local markets.

Wander Around Kings Park

Kings Park is the borderline between the city and nature. The heart of the city is where most Aussies go to reconnect with nature. It is overlooking Perth city and the Swan River. Kings Park is embellished with botanical gardens by the walking trails. The playground is a perfect spot for kids to go and play while parents have a little picnic on the side.  Make sure you have a snake bite kit if you are walking around outdoors in any parks or nature reserves – there are plenty of snakes including brown and tiger snakes, both extremely dangerous.

See What’s In Leederville

Leederville is located on the north side of Peeth. Cafes are all over the place and the nightlife is something you can’t find anywhere in the city. It is situated around Vincent and Oxford Streets which exhibits a contemporary with a twist of retro appeal. Walking around Leederville will astonish your eyes with colourful art and vintage art nouveau posters.

The design market is also one of the shopping strips that is worth the trip. The food and drink options are diverse and the whole ambience of the place is simply relaxing yet never boring. The shops around the area took time to create a beautiful aesthetic and the restaurants are mostly sustainably produced and cooked. Leederville is one place around the city of Perth that is complete with entertainment and good food.


Perth is a city that is tucked away from the outside world for years. They have a stable economy and the city is balanced with both corporate and laidback lifestyles. Perth is one of the best cities in the world to visit or even settle in. It is a city that makes living a good one.