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Perfect Sunset Shot In Hillarys – Couple was finally found

Mysterious couple that unknowingly featured at the heart associated with a memorable photo last week has been been found.

Dan Smyth and Lauren Exell  from Maylands were captured at Hillarys Boat Harbour just before 4pm on Wednesday

Rod Maldon – an amateur photographer has taken the shots,¬† he planned to capture just the sunset, but he just couldn’t resist to include the handsome couple on the photos.

Picture he took was later shared online, with many questions about qho they actually were.

Dan Smyth and Lauren Exell moved to Australia just five weeks ago, got engaged in Thailand in early April.

But the ring was sent for you to the UK after this rock band broke.

Ms Exell said her fiance surprised her along with a second proposal and a meaningful ring.

On Monday she realised the attention the moment had drawn.

It’s all been to some extent overwhelming nevertheless the shots are amazing, Ms Exell replied.

We didn’t see it coming at all.

Mr Maldon said developed a set of two test shots to ensure he had the right exposure as he realised what he had.

It’s so nice to be handled by from them and find them, he was quoted saying.

They’re elegant couple and now they possess the recorded.

Mr Maldon plans to print consumers on a canvas before handing it to the happy couple.

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