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A Suspended West Coast Star Get A Coaching Role After A Big Incident

Suspended West Coast superstar Andrew Gaff continues to be flagged to get a training and coaching position with younger midfielders as soon as he comes back to the Eagles later this week.

Gaff was banned for 8 games a week ago for striking Fremantle teen Andrew Brayshaw and busting his chin.

He then offered an apology to Andrew Brayshaw face-to-face around Melbourne and also bring flowers for Andrew’s mom, Debra, who was simply crying right after the incident which incapable her son to consume solid meals and needing thorough dental operation upon his mangled teeth.

The 18-year-old will be staying together with his parents in Melbourne throughout the initial phases of his treatment.

“Mum was at her workplace, therefore it appeared to be only him and Andrew Brayshaw seated there, ” Andrew’s brother, Melbourne’s Angus Brayshaw, stated of the conference.

“They had a chat for 30 minutes and (Gaff) apologised.

“I may merely think about what it would be like for being punched from the face, just what mentally that could do to you.

“Therefore for (Brayshaw) to recognize that apology, I believe it’s a truly good move forward.

“Probably it closes the entire ordeal. It’s ended up forgiven. ”

Gaff, 26, is a restricted free agent and may have competed his last game for West Coast as he weighs up big-money offers coming from Victorian clubs.

But teammate Luke Shuey mentioned the 175-game wingman may still enjoy a role in the Eagles’ quest of a fourth flag.

“He’s back again in Melbourne just relaxing out and getting away from everything, ” Shuey said.

He is not back for the other year so there’s daft having him hanging around Perth just yet. We’ll get him back in due time and he’ll almost certainly take on a coaching role with a handful of our younger mids.

It’s a bit a good awkward one knowing he is not going to play again for the rest of the season.

He’s going OK, he’s handled it too as he could have.

But we aren’t playing him out as the victim and obviously Andrew Brayshaw’s come out worse than anyone.

Dom Sheed, Brendon Ah Chee, Daniel Venables and Brayden Ainsworth will be asked to step up in Gaff’s absence.

Shuey said the tumult and emotion surrounding the Brayshaw incident and Gaff’s subsequent suspension had brought West Coast players closer together involving build-up to the Port Adelaide game.

We don’t talk about it or feel it, but because you’ve asked me I’d probably say yes, he recounted.

That’s the way with every club, you bond using your tougher years. We’ve had a lot go our way and when things haven’t gone our way we’ve had to locate a way to discover job reached.

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